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The cave experience

The cave experience.

The lowest point of living can be when you think no one understands. No one that you can turn to for advice. No one understands and the enemy after your life. David is running for his life and there is no hope in sight. They all hate me; therefore, I may as well stay in this cave. This cave is my darkness and probably the end of my life.  

I used the written paragraph above to tell you a story of David running from King Saul. We can run away from someone also and hide in a cave. David running from Saul and hiding out in a cave named Adullam. Feeling he was all alone; but there was 400 men that came to him. They came to him with their problems. Some were distressed, in debt, discontented and poor. This was David company and he felt all along.  

David felt alone for no one understood and my soul was torn apart, he said. Running for his life from King Saul. This story is one that makes us think of darkness without light. David said his spirit was upon him. Wow! David was surrounded by people and still he felt alone, A sad way to be and we can be caught into this situation like David in our personal cave. Every one of us at times finds ourselves in our personal cave. This cave can be money, health concerns, but nevertheless it is our cave. 

David felt so all alone, and he told God all about his troubles. We sometimes called on God to help while we are going through trails. Look at David he just poured out all to God; he did not hold anything back. David realized God will help him, and he would rejoice in that. 

There are times in the life of peoples; the cave experience will find them; therefore, read the story of David in 1 Samuel 22 and Psalms142. Reading those reads mention will be a benefit to those that are going through tough times.  

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