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Melvin written saying.

You made the same mistake over again-why?  Answer, don’t know. Common sense will take care of that.



Sin has its way of trying to trap you, but remember; leave it be and don’t look back.



Watch it and be careful you are not aways right.



You can look under the shell and see what in it, but people you have to shake your head.


Doing it wrong is not a way, it’s nuts.


The way you get ready for the future is get ready for Christ in the present..


At the bottom so long its a home. This the way a person thinks when they are left to  stay there.


Yes you done it wrong, but doing it right may not be the best way.



When you thinking about doing something and dont know what to do-do nothing.



There is a saying; God is just a prayer away. I say God is a right now prayer for you.



 When all is gone from your presence; God draws close to give you comfort in times of trouble. This maybe you, if so draw a little closer to God.




The more I think about certain things, let them be.


After meeting Jesus, the blind could see; the deaf could hear; the lame could walk; the demon possessed were set free; and their sins were forgiven! Jesus gave them a new beginning! I met Him on my knees. ???????


Why are you looking so sad, like you completely lost; do this thank God for the blessing you have already received.



When all is gone from your presence; God draws close to give you comfort in times of trouble.

Time is a wonderful thing and we should enjoy it to the fulness. When this time is over here there is a time that never ends, lets get there.


Do you know that death does not separate you from the love of God if you are saved; its ushers you into His presence when the time comes. 


I thought that I knew what it takes to understand people until I dealt with family; then I figured it out, they will teach you something and you walk away shaking your head.


Pretty good is not enough; being saved from your sins is better. Yes, its not a hard thing, but too easy for some folks, because they got their own way. 


When you received your blessing from God; bless someone else showing that you are thankful. 


The person that gets into diverse opinionated discussion with someone and holds their actions until they had time to reason is a proven scholar. 


The next house you moved in is already furnish; never have to pay mortgage or lights and gas, taxes etc. Some that may read this may have questions where; "Heaven" are you ready.



When you pray to God for an blessing; pray for the healing of your brothers and sisters-watch God give you extra.


Loneliness is not just a word for those who have no one to turn too; thank God for who you got now to talked too. For those that don't have anyone, try talking to God.



How do I know the Lord going to carry mew thru my troubles today, because he already done it? 





Lord, please draw me closer to you so I can feel the warm embrace.  



We are connected to a God that some question. Why? They can have the same connection; just believe and trust in Jesus that made it possible.We are connected to a God that some question. Why? They can have the same connection; just believe and trust in Jesus that made it possible.



It took a while, but I finally figured it out; you never know what's around the corner until you go around it.   


When God speaks to you to go and do something don't fear. God told Joshua, just go and I will be with you. The man Joshua was able to stand before the emeny for he knew God was is front.



You have prayed many times about something that you really wanted. Maybe you still praying for this special something that you think you need. God blessed you with a decent paying job, health, and children to raised; is this enough?



When you think about life and its problems, examine your life closely to see if you are doing all you can to make it better..



When you get into your cave like David; listen to the voice of God for comfort.


There is one other way if you going the wrong way, change direction.


Don't fear. The person that's in the will of God will not depart from this life until all the Lord has for him is done.


Life is just like a vapor, so why waste it.Life is just like a vapor, so why waste it.


Work hard and get blessed -No pray often without ceasing and watch those blessing filled up your hands.


Never let your pass control your thoughts.



Don't keep looking at the past, because you want see the future.


Don't let your limitations cause you to not do; let them increase your desire to do more.


I start looking at myself and guess what? I need to improve; what about you?I start looking at myself and guess what? I need to improve; what about you?


When you meet and accept Christ you may feel like you swallowed sunshine. I am the light of the world; this is Him.


Follow the one that went all the way to the cross, knowing that your crown is waiting.


Doing what is right does have consequences. Some or most people have adopted the concept; "telling a lied people like you better. Why? They don't want to hear the truth.


Daniel doesn't have his eyes on the lions, he has them on God. [trust]Daniel doesn't have his eyes on the lions, he has them on God. [trust]


Pride have got many people where they are now-nowhere.


Advice; never let your eyes determine how you lived.Advice; never let your eyes determine how you lived.



We all have things we enjoy, such as toys, cars, books, collections and safe keeping. All of these that we have is good, but God is not concern about all those earthy things; He wants you. 


Do money, land, houses, friends, education make a man wise; yes if he has submitted to the will of God.


The thoughts that you have today may set preference what you think Tomorrow. You can be a positive person but please have optimism also. 


God is still accepting reservations for Heaven; get yours right now.God is still accepting reservations for Heaven; get yours right now.


The mirrors which you use sees much doing your lifetime. If those mirrors had a memory and could talk; what would they say about you?


The best way to see yourself is to look within. The outside shows only the appearance. The inside shows what you really about.




People work out their bodies in the gym and never work their souls for the kingdom.


When people see courage, they are drawn to it like a magnet. Walk in front proud with compassion  people will be drawn.


It not wrong for us to have all the toys and fine things in our life. Its wrong for us to put the stuff, things we have in front of God. God must be number one in our lives.


I live in it, you live in it, animals live in it, and others that needs some kind of need to exist live in it. The question is why we live in it?

We lived in this world because God lets us. Yes, as simple as that, Gods Choice and His gift.



 Being humble and having a mind to show compassion for others, sometimes take some people time. 

There are reasons why people just go their ways without considering others. I noticed some people are mostly concern about themselves first, then they focus on others. 

Finally, look for the best in others and always pray to God to stay humble.

Ephesians 4:2-Be completely humble and gentle: be patient, bearing with one another in love.   Melvin. 











Giving up is not your option, because you are too strong.Giving up is not your option, because you are too strong.

If your mind is occupied with the love of Jesus; you want have time to be racist. Melvin's saying.


Let me ask you this; have Jesus prayed for you? Now if you say yes; what are you still worried about? Melvin's saying.


When you walk through the valley of despair and its cold and lonely remember He is just a prayer away.


Two friends were talking about another person when the person came around; so, they whisper in each other ear, knowing they will not be heard. Guess what, God has that ear to hear all things, whether they are near or far and in thought. Guilty as charge. This is a motto, and maybe it's yours; can't say nothing good, don't say nothing.


When I was a baby nature taught me how to crawl, scoop etc. Now that I have grown up to be and adult; why am I going back to my use to be, crawling and scooping??


They are trying to make you give up; make you feel bad or just want to see you doubting yourself. I wonder why? Think about it, you keep going on, never begging, always trying to accomplish your goals. Some people are jealous of those that God keep on blessing. 



Lived a long time and you will gain much knowledge about folks; they will give you the best education on ignorance.



If a friend cost a million dollars; what an enemy cost? Answer nothing.If a friend cost a million dollars; what an enemy cost? Answer nothing.


Mistakes is alright to make, but don't make them if you know it's a mistake.Mistakes is alright to make, but don't make them if you know it's a mistake.


Not smart enough to be a Doctor, lawyer, president, but I can be a Christian. Melvin quote.



The lesson that you must learn in this life; people, family or so-call friends will be talked, pulled down your name, because you will not go along with their wrongness. Yes, you will be no-good but nevertheless you must pray for them and moved on in your life.  Melvin quotes.


I believe it, don't believe it, can't make up my mind. What am I? Something with no purpose in life.



Do it once and turn around and do it again-Why?




I lived not because I take care of my body, but because God loves me and let me lived. Melvin quote.


If tomorrow never get here, why worry about it.  Melvin's quote.



I heard you say; man its feel like the whole world is on my shoulders. There is some truth in that, because you have never let God who owns this world carry you. Melvins quote.




Its hard but fair, just let it come and deal with it.



Let me tell you this, if a person doesn't have a vision or purpose; they are living an empty life. Melvins quotes.



Let me share this with you. People have said, sometimes I have to give up the right for the wrong. Well let me tell you this, never give up the right for the wrong. If its wrong its wrong. If its right its right. Melvins quote.


Pray for others before you pray for yourself. Melvins quote.




Thinking is better than not thinking. Reading is better than not reading. Helping others with their workload in better than not helping.

Finally, praying asking God to bless those that are without and those that have plenty is better than all above. Melvins quote.



When God has allowed things to come into your life that causes you to pray, thank Him. Melvins quote.


Before you start doing any kind of good-will project ask yourself if it's for the good will of others. Melvins quotes.




There is a saying; you know I miss the good old days. I wonder what it would like if we have never had them good old days. Melvins quote.


Today is leaving and since we suppose to live in that day, ask God if you can lived in the day that have not came yet. Melvins quote.


The man makes a wrong decision. He go and do things a little better, that's good, but the wrong already been done. Melvins quote.


 When you think that your life is getting hard to bear, remember Jesus life He gave for you. Melvins quote.


They say that it takes a little faith to move a mountain, that's all I got. Melvins quote.


Yes the cuts hurts you get from people, but the cuts you get from the closest people in your life hurts even more. Melvins quote.





When you wake up in the morning, don't forget to tell God thanks.





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