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Forgiving, loving and praying for our enemies is Christ-like. Welcoming and serving the marginalized, the "least" among us, is being like Jesus. Caring for the sick, needy, underprivileged, widowed, orphaned, poor, abused, and vulnerable—those who are last—mirrors and reflects the Son of God.


    Avoiding situation 

We avoid things for all sorts of reasons, according to Melanie A. Greenberg, Ph.D, a clinical psychologist in Marin County, Calif., who specializes in managing stress, mood and relationships. It can be because we're scared or anxious; because we don't feel competent or don't know where to start; or because the problem feels too big. 

It's an unconscious habit that worked in childhood when we didn't have the skills or power to change the situation, Greenberg said. (For instance, as a teen you hung out with your friends instead of trying to set limits at home with a critical parent, she said.) 

However, when we avoid something today, we don't give ourselves the opportunity to learn new skills or solve problems, some people in counseling says. I think when uncomfortable things press upon us, we should embrace them carefully. We must come to the fact that this could me to improve our lives. 

We must educate this very young generations to prepare themselves for many situations of avoidance. This can help reading books and exposer to problems and how to deal with them. Now this will not guarantee that we finally got the problems solve on avoidances, but gives us a better understanding. 


     Why do some people avoid others. 

Here are three things I believe causes the avoidance. 

1-A person maybe poor and don't have as much as some; causing him or her to shy away to their comfort zone. I call this shameful, because a person must learn to look up and not down. Yes, it's hard if your bread box is empty and others is running over, but life offers some more and some less, but we are equal in the sight of God. 

2-Education is very important it enables a better job, better conversation with people. Some that don't have a good education and get jealous of those who have it. I heard them say; he is educated fool. I guess some is but they don't want to be around them. Being around those who knows more causes some to avoid them. 

3-Color of skin is probably one that will always cases avoidance. There still are some people in this world lived with a racist attitude.  

What we must do in this generation; raised our children to live and not judge. Live to love in spite of color, cultures and position.





This is something a person can used but remember to be kind in you doing. We are all God's children.


 With all the best intentions in the world, there will probably be at least a few people whom you don't particularly want to cross your path. Whatever the reason, disliking someone is a subjective response and it is always a good idea to do your best to be respectful. Depending on the situation, there are different things to consider — whether it is a professional or social setting, for example — to help you determine if you should avoid someone or respectfully confront them. Keeping things respectful avoids drama and shows that even through dislike, you can still maintain dignity.


























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